So WHO is Pink Papaya

Our Story:
When my sister Karen and I began to plan our company in 2004, our goal was to offer only the highest quality spa products available on the market. As we searched for suppliers we soon recognized that no wholesalers on the market offered the quality products and fragrances we demanded. Thus we assembled a team of top beauty professionals to create our line, to our specifications and unavailable elsewhere.

Welcome to Pink Papaya, a company offering the highest quality spa products for all to enjoy. We have created a spa collection with three wonderful product lines: aromatherapy, using 100% pure essential oils; body & bath, made with luxurious scents and botanical extracts; and skincare, fusing science with nature. So escape, relax and enjoy a Pink Papaya spa party with family and friends.

If your dream is to create a career that fits your lifestyle, let us help you. At Pink Papaya we realize starting your business can seem overwhelming. With this in mind my sister and I spent countless hours developing and creating a business system to get your business up and running quickly. We have innovative tools to help you run smooth and successful parties and recruit and manage a team. Pink Papaya is a state-of-the-art party plan company with terrific compensation, reward and support services for our consultants.

Warmest Regards,
Susan Huneke Founder & CEO

Our Mission
To establish Pink Papaya as the premier supplier of the finest home spa products in the world while offering profitable career opportunities for women.

Our Corporate Goal
To provide uplifting experiences that enhance women’s lives.

Our Values
Having passion for everything we do
Offering everyone a sense of belonging
Working with entrepreneurial spirit and drive
Loving what we do and sharing it with others
Respecting our customers
Acting with integrity

Our Guiding Principles

Provide an environment for our Pink Papaya Consultants to be a financial contributor while still having the flexibility to structure their career around the needs of the family Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, producing and delivery of our products
Develop and maintain satisfied customers all of the time
Contribute positively to our communities and our environment
Recognize that every independent consultant is essential to our future success
Pink Papaya are proud members of the Direct Selling Association

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