Welcome to your Pink Papaya team
"Fruit Loops" information site!

This is a meeting place for
Erin Lorensen & Stefini Dewan's Pink Papaya teams and downline!
Here we will keep everyone updated on promotions, party themes, current company incentives...as well as, team contests and meeting info.
If you have a question or a suggestion for this site PLEASE drop an email to
erin.lorensen@gmail.com and/or BodyButterBliss@aol.com

1st Pink Papaya team "Fruit Loops" incentive...

Want to earn one of these to use as a keychain or necklace?!?
It's EASY...simply hit $350 in personal sales and we will mail one right out to you :) 
These were custom designed & made for our team!!! 
But wait...Add 1 personal recruit to the team and receive a 3" ornament (as pictured) in the same design to hang in your office
(or where ever you like) 

Pink Papaya google calendar info...

a google calendar has been set up for our team....go to http://www.google.com/calendar
log in is: 
and the password is thinkpink

Welcome again to YOUR Website!

April 2009

The moment we each joined Pink Papaya, we all knew that we had just become part of something very special (and ground floor).  Something that could stir up in us such strong feelings of vision and hope. Something bigger than ourselves as individuals.  Each time you log on to this site, know that you've just taken another step toward empowering yourself to build the business of your dreams!  We invite you now to explore and learn best practice ideas, to celebrate one another's achievements, and to build upon the inspiration of one another!
Congrats on making an incredible business choice by joining our Pink Papaya team...enjoy the ride!!!
E & S

Good tip~
A fun thing you can throw in is for everyone to get their cell phones out-have them program your # into their phones—they can just put Pink Papaya lady!  Tell them you are now at their finger tips for any reorders they need!  You could even give each person a small pod of the product of their choice if they do it! Or the 1st person etc.